Linda Guanti

Breathe, Stretch, Strengthen, Allow, Connect…


– Participate

Join me as I guide you through a yoga practice to benefit you and the horse. The horse is your partner. They will stretch also. You can be shown how to guide them. 


{You do not need your own horse. Horses are available for you to use if needed!}

Session with your own horse, in Pemberton or Squamish :

$60/private, $90/two people, $35/person for 3-6 people.             

Sessions are approximately 1 to 1.5hrs

**IF YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR OWN HORSE or LIVE OUTSIDE OF Pemberton/Squamish  Please E-mail me for pricing options.**

If I am coming to your facility you will need:

– an area big enough for participants and horses to stand comfortably (away from food distractions recommended), [I may be able to organize this if needed and you are able to travel your horse to a different location]

– a horse who will stand tied loosely or easily on it’s own (with you by their side) or someone to hold your horse.

– comfortable clothes that allow movement, comfortable closed shoes that allow as much movement as possible and preferably without a heel, halter and lead rope for your horse,

1/2 Day Workshops!

– I will come to your area! Organize one today.   4-6 participants.

Approximately 4 hours of yoga, horses and yoga with horses. Practices to expand your mind and connection with the horse, the mat and yourself.

All shared with a group of friends or fellow horse and yoga enthusiasts!

Contact me for more information, pricing or to set a date!!

If you are thinking of coming to the Squamish or Pemberton area, consider a private class or bring some friends and organize a 1/2 day workshop here! (approx 6 people)

E-mail me to book.

Stay Informed

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