Linda Guanti

Breathe, Stretch, Strengthen, Allow, Connect…

– About Me

In my early teens a serious injury left me with chronic health issues and most importantly affected parts of my life which were very special to me. Being with horses was one of them.

DSCF0645bI immediately began a life-long search to understand and repair the human body.  It led me to working in the medical field, not only with humans but animals as well.  I bring a unique and thorough  perspective of the human body compared to other physical trainers in part from my career as both an instructing and working X-Ray Technologist.

One of my next life changing experiences was when I discovered yoga.  My body, mind and soul immediately recognized the benefits. I again was passionate to share.

This carried over into my horse life as I soon began to understand the equal importance of having your horse be flexible and stretched.  So I learned how to help my horse stretch too. Combining yoga and my life with horses has proven successful in keeping both myself and my horses healthy and happy. When others saw what I created they wanted to learn as well, which is how Yoga With Horses was born!

Now after learning about many other movement therapies and body training, one has stood out above the rest. Foundation Training!  A strengthening program that helps you feel better and stronger in your body. I love teaching Foundation Training and you will love learning and doing it!

I want to share all of these wonderful experiences with everyone and this is how you’ve come to this website.

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[I am based out of the Sea to Sky Corridor;  Squamish,  Whistler,  Pemberton,  BC CANADA]