Linda Guanti

Breathe, Stretch, Strengthen, Allow, Connect…



Hi! I am Linda Guanti10505214_10152614313219973_5497397298362541636_o

Most of my life has been dedicated to understanding the human body and how we can help ourselves recover from injury and pain. What I learn, I share. My excitement and passion is contagious. No matter what your situation, the results and experiences speak for themselves.

I am a Certified Foundation Training Instructor, X-Ray Technologist, Certified Yoga Instructor, and Yoga With Horses Facilitator.

I am also a friend, a horse rider/trainer/partner, a healthy food and eating advocate, and a believer.

Your time with me will enlighten you to a new way of being, living, moving, thinking about your body, your self and the world around you.

Let me be your guide.

[I am based out of the Sea to Sky Corridor;

 Vancouver, Squamish,  Whistler,  Pemberton,  BC CANADA]

Check out this site for more details and contact me!                             ….More about Me